Don't let your child become another statistic.

3 out of 5 teens have experienced some form of online bullying in their lives. Don’t let your child be next.

Install Seescope and start monitoring your child’s social media in less than 90 seconds.

The app that stops online abuse

See Everything

We show every message, every image from your child’s account - even deleted messages.

Detect Abuse

Our AI technology scans the messages your child sends and receives for harmful content.

Review Incidents

Any time a harmful message is detected, we’ll notify you so you review the incident.

Take Action

Once you’ve reviewed the incident, we recommend steps you can take to fix it.

Trusted by parents just like you

“We used to have an ‘absolutely no’ policy for social media. Seescope changed our minds on that, because now we can let our kids keep in touch with their friends while still knowing they’re safe."

- Maria, USA 🇺🇸

“I'm a dad with two girls which means I'm a pretty busy guy. Getting alerts only when I need to means I’m not having to read through every single message my daughters send."

- Mike, Canada 🇨🇦

“When my 13 year old son first started using Instagram, we were worried sick about who he might be talking to online. Now with Seescope, we can feel safe knowing he and his friends are still talking about Fortnite."

- Samantha, Australia 🇦🇺

“I used to actually look through my daughter’s phone every single day. It was such an ordeal to have to take her phone off her while I looked through her messages. Now we can skip that routine."

- Linda, Singapore 🇸🇬

Sound complicated? Here's how it works.


Add your children

First, add your children to Seescope. Just enter their name, their gender and date of birth and you’re ready to go. We’ll use their profile photo from their social media account once it’s connected.


Connect their accounts

Next, connect your child’s social media accounts. You can add as many as you like, and we support the most popular apps like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. Want us to monitor another one? Let us know.


We scan for harmful content

We use AI technology to scan every message your child sends and receives for harmful content. We currently detect offensive language, but we’re constantly adding new features. Something else we should be looking for? Let us know.


Get notified immediately

As soon as we identify any harmful activity, we’ll not notify you. Seescope lets you review incidents and provides you with actions you can take to help your child understand what’s happened and avoid it from happening again.

Packed with tools to keep your kids safe

Powered by AIWe scan all texts and images with machine learning technology so that you don’t need to read every single message.


All history, foreverWe keep all the messages your children send and receive - even the deleted ones. This way, you’ll always have the full picture.


The apps they use the mostSeescope supports the most popular apps children use to keep in touch - Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.


Unlimited accountsMany children these days have multiple social media accounts. Seescope lets you monitor as many social media accounts as they have at no extra cost.


Pictures last longerSee all the images and videos sent by your child, including "disappearing messages" that delete as soon as they're opened.


Group chat friendlyKids love group chats with friends. Seescope supports group chats, so you can still monitor all the messages sent and received by everyone.

Why are parents choosing Seescope?

We take privacy seriously

In an age where technology companies are abusing our trust by taking our data and selling it to the highest bidder, everybody is feeling a little uneasy about their online privacy - including us.

That’s why we’ve made the privacy of you and your child our number one concern. We will never ever sell, expose or otherwise expose you or your child’s data unless required by law.

Built by the best in the business

Our team of experienced developers, designers and product managers have been helping to keep kids safe on the Internet since 1998 (yes, really).

With two decades of experience we’ve learned the vital role technology can play in helping to provide an Internet experience that’s safe without getting in the way.

Here to help you, not replace you

At the end of the day, no technology, no matter how powerful can replace good parenting. That’s why we see ourselves as a tool to help you parent, rather than doing a bad job of what you do best.

Nobody knows your child better than you do, so we provide you with the information and the tools to take action - you get decide what’s best for your child in their circumstances.

Less time scrolling, more time parenting

Many parents still check their child’s social media accounts the old fashioned way - picking up their phones and trying to look through every message, story, post, video and image their child has sent and received.

Not only does this waste precious time that you don’t have to lose, it’s easy to miss a message or a picture when there’s dozens or even hundreds to check through.

Deleted messages? No problem

Many times a child will delete a message, either because they’re embarrassed of the content or because someone asked them to.

Seescope makes a copy of every message your child sends and receives as soon as it enters our system, so you can still see messages even after they’ve been deleted from your child’s phone.

Try it 7 days risk free

Not sure if Seescope is for you? No problem. Seescope offers a free 7 day trial so you can see whether the app is right for you and your child. Even once your plan begins, you can cancel any time.

Start protecting your children today

Install the app and start monitoring your children in just 90 seconds.

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